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Fractal art light language energy healing

Welcome to the hearth and home of qosmicbutterfly, a pagan lightworker and fractal artist.

Fractal art light language energy healing

The hearth is the center of order and light amid chaos.

Here we discuss the many forms and functions of healing magic, with the intention to assist in your ascension journey as a breathing demigod.

I offer one-on-one healing sessions, personal readings, attunements and light body activations, and a variety of magical artifacts intended to help you align with your inner Self in the most authentic and empowering ways.

So whether you're interested in pagan magic, hermetic qabalah, starseed ascension topics, magic science, or just love fractal art, welcome to the family.

As a lightworker, most of my work is provided for free as a service.

But I do still have expenses, and am always grateful for donations.

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